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The Important Concept of Human Right and Human Right Law:

Human Right is an important subject associated with Fundamental Right .The conservation of Human right is a challenge before world.Fundamental Right and Human Right are the essential parts of respectful and meaningful life.Human Right is not a new concept. There was existence of human right in Vaidic Age also. Plato as well as other philosophers have given human right an important place in their write ups.After human right conservation act 1993 a new light has  emerged in this field in Article 21 of the constitution the meaning of the right of life and body freedom has become so wide that it is not limited upto leading life but it has so expanded with the right of respectful  life including the right to:

1.    Free education to children below 14 years.
2.    Education to all.
3.    Same salary for same work.
4.    Protection to working ladies from sex scandal.
5.    Quick decision.
6.    Environmental protection
7.    Medical facility.
8.    Freedom for expression.
9.    Respectful living
10.  Right to information.

According to section 3 of this ordinance there is procedure for organizing a national human right commission.It includes a chairman and 4 members. Chairman is the ex chief justice of supreme court.Members include a working or retired judge of Supreme Court and two experienced person in the field of human right and a working or retired judge of High Court.They are appointed by President on recommendation of high level committee presided over by the Prime Minister.Its working period is 5 years or70 years (members & chairman) of age whichever is completed earlier.



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